Timberweld System - Products and Services
Quality Timberweld products and services, caring people, and production flexibility are the reasons that Timberweld has the reputation of being the versatile laminator.
Construction of Exploration Place, Witchita, KS Complex roof systems requiring precision fabrication by experienced structural detailers is a Timberweld specialty.
Pre-Construction Experienced Timberweld sales engineers can help with pre-construction planning, assist with budget pricing, value engineering, feasibility.
Estimating The Timberweld System is also comprised of perceptive estimators experienced with shop drawings, production and delivery scheduling, and contractor expectations.
Communication & Collaboration Our process encourages open communication and teamwork. Experienced structural engineers and detailers can suggest efficiencies.
Our reputation is built on performance. Timberweld has established relationships that continue to last over the many years. Our past customers are all references. Copies of unsolicited testimonials are available.

Timberweld People Care! Experience Counts!

  • The Timberweld Advantage
    The Timberweld Advantage starts with having your sales contact, pre-engineering, shop drawings, manufacturing, and delivery all from the same company, “under the same roof”, with the Timberweld team.
    This allows for the flexibility to make changes, solve problems, and coordinate stain colors, avoiding the hassles of communication or mis-communicating between multiple suppliers and brokers.

    “Timberweld quality” comes directly from Timberweld, not from an unknown manufacturer.  Timberweld sales staff can schedule engineering, shop drawings, and production when the order is placed.  The security of accurate shop drawings and fabrication reduces the risk and contingency factors at the jobsite, making contractors glad they contracted with Timberweld.  Our full-service approach and years of experience mean no surprises.   EXPERIENCE COUNTS - from start to "finish".

    Also consider the advantages of laminated timber...
  • Products: Beams, Arches and Trusses
    Laminated Timber brings structural longevity and the beauty of wood together for project big and small.
  • Products: Timberweld Connecting Hardware Solutions

    Connecting hardware from Timberweld is the solution to transferring loads and connecting one beam to another and to bearing supports. Timberweld engineers and structural detailers are very familiar with glulam connections including; concealed and exposed beam hangers, truss connectors, compression rings and a variety of other connections. They provide design information and prepare shop drawings as a part of the Timberweld package.

    Timberweld hardware is normally supplied prime coated. Architectural coatings, powder coatings, and galvanized coatings are also available. All bolts and screws are normally bid and supplied zinc plated to retard rust.

  • Products: Deck, Insulation, and TwI-Joists

    Structural and decorative, the most economical solution to span between Timberweld beams, trusses, and arches is T & G deck with decorative wood tones, natural growth characteristics of Douglas Fir. It can be easily insulated with nailbase insulation, joists, or sleepers for flat, shingled, or steel roofing.

    Contact Timberweld sales engineers to assist with design and pricing.

  • Products: Specials & Odd Lot
  • Services: Manufacturing and Precision Fabrication
  • Services: Engineering, Drawings, Stain, Delivery

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