Services: Manufacturing and Precision Fabrication

Manufacturing and Precision Fabrication

The Timberweld plant is conveniently located for truck and rail service between major lumber sources and the markets. It is in the dry clean Montana climate. Species include; Douglas Fir, Alaska Cedar, and Western Red Cedar. A licensed Timberweld grader checks every board for moisture content, density, knot structure, and slope of grain to determine the laminating grade required for placement in different fiber stress and deflection combinations required for beams, arches, and columns.

Assembly begins with the structural finger joint.

Close up of Structural Finger Joint.

The Timberweld finger joint is one of the highest rated joints in the industry. It provides strong and continuous tension laminations to the full length of the beam or arch. Timberweld joints are tested daily and records kept on all production in compliance with ANSI and AITC standards.

Timberweld’s primary production is dedicated to specific projects in compliance with the plans and specifications, and Timberweld shop drawings and are usually sold and delivered direct to general contractors.


A truss joint being assembled.

Precision drilling, dapping, and fabrications are essential to good fit at the jobsite. Timberweld craftsmen have special tools, from 20 to 30 years experience, and are frequently the third or fourth pair of eyes to review shop drawings, make suggestions, or discover oversights in the plans or shop drawings.

A part of your construction team, the Timberweld craftsmen are concerned about the fit and appearance of laminated beam and arches. They are the overlooked people on your construction team.


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