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We invite professional engineers and architects not familiar with engineered timber design to contact us. We can refer you to current resources or assist you with information.

Your imagination can become reality.

Timberweld structural and sales engineering staff are available to assist with value engineering, budget pricing or design concepts to bring dreams into reality.

From concept to installation, the Timberweld engineering staff can be your engineered timber design consultants.

Another benefit of using Timberweld System.

Shop Drawings

Your Timberweld detailer is a valued member of your construction team.

Accurate and complete shop drawings are a good investment and a helpful tool for project superintendents to help lay out work and cross check dimensions and elevations. The Timberweld engineering department has pioneered the use of computer design and drafting within the industry. We use the most advanced computer design aids available, and when possible, link our details with our laminated beam or steel fabrication.

The overlooked partner in your construction team is a qualified structural detailer experienced with laminated beams and connecting hardware, who is able to help avoid unforeseen problems and understands the importance of communicating promptly with the designers and contractors.

Timberweld Factory Finish

All Timberweld beams and deck are available with our two step brush on application and a choice of colors to enhance the natural growth characteristics, add luster, and protect the surface.


Timberweld drivers are a part of your construction team. They are experienced and trained in the care of laminated beams in transit. Timberweld trucks deliver wide and long loads direct from our plant to jobsites around the country. This reduces delays or damage in transit and allows us to give an advance delivery schedule to help plan unloading.


Some laminated timber projects require special tools and handling equipment. We recommend an installer with previous experience, and they should review Timberweld's shop drawings or placement plan and T & G deck specifications. Timberweld works with experienced erectors around the country that you are welcome to contact. Please fax or email for more information.


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