Products: Deck, Insulation, and TwI-Joists

Structural and decorative, the most economical solution to span between Timberweld beams, trusses, and arches is T & G deck with decorative wood tones, natural growth characteristics of Douglas Fir. It can be easily insulated with nailbase insulation, joists, or sleepers for flat, shingled, or steel roofing.

Contact Timberweld sales engineers to assist with design and pricing.

T & G Structural and Decorative Douglas Fir Roof and Floor Decking Systems

2" Douglas Fir T & G Timberweld Roof Deck System. Structural and decorative, 2" solid or laminated Timberweld decking systems with selected 12% to 14% moisture, Douglas Fir is a very common application for decorative interiors to show the natural wood grain and growth characteristics of Douglas Fir and other species.

2" Solid Deck

The hallmark of 2x6 Douglas Fir from high grade West Coast Douglas Fir with random lengths or specified lengths of high quality super dried to under 15%. Precision milled with V groove on exposed face.

The straight high grade pieces will save jobsite labor and concerns about shrinking. The highest quality select grade available exceeds the WCLIB standards.

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Laminated Timber Decking

The traditional system for spanning between Timberweld beams, purlins, and arches has been with laminated 3” and 4” tongue and grooved decking. Timberweld’s Lock Deck is structurally engineered using 2 to 5 kiln dried, selected lumber laminations bonded under pressure together with exterior water proof adhesive to form glued laminated decking

DECORATIVE GRADE.Lock-Deck is the most widely used, high quality, engineered timber deck used where the natural growth and grain characteristics of Douglas Fir, Cedar and other Western species are an asset to the interior décor at no extra cost.
SERVICE GRADE. Commonly used for industrial, rustic, or other applications where a sound surface and structural integrity are primary considerations.
SUPREME GRADE. Frequently used where more clear grain is desired with fewer natural growth characteristics.

Timberweld is a stocking distributor of Lock-Deck and can make quick deliveries or ship with Timberweld beams and arches. For the timeless beauty and texture of wood, Lock-Deck is the solution. It is available in different thickness, textures, and patterns. It is easily engineered to fit a variety of span and load conditions. We welcome your inquiry.

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Atlas™ Nailbase Insulation

The 4'x8' Atlas panels are labor saving with long term thermal resistance for superior insulation as compared with hot spots, mashed fibers, or leaks frequently found with other installations systems. The Atlas nailbase panels are manufactured with thermally efficient polyiso insulation board bonded to 7/16 APA/TECO rated OSB. They are applied over Timberweld T & G decking with screws or nails.

Timberweld's estimators can easily quote vent top or regular nailbase, while estimating Fir Larch T & G deck systems, and schedule delivery to your jobsite.

TwI-Joist and Tw-LVL

TwI-Joist and Tw-LVL are shipped direct from our Burlington, Washington affiliate plant to commercial project jobsites around the country. They are an ideal complement to the Timberweld System with the assistance of the Timberweld staff of structural detailers and sales engineers.

The efficient engineered design of TwI-joists consists of high strength LVL laminated strands of Douglas Fir in the top and bottom chords. They are manufactured in a modern high tech plant in accordance with ICC (ICBO) PSC5804 Evaluation Report.

Our specialty is 14" to 24" deep I-Joists. We can ship in bundle quantities or pre-cut to custom lengths with a stop-over at our Columbus, Montana plant for blocking, stiffeners, bevel plates, and top off the load with beams or deck. For budget pricing comparison chart, contact Timberweld.

download Download Timberweld's Technical Data for TwI-Joists, TwLVL, and Timberweld Laminated Timbers (or for a free TwI-Joist catalog, please contact Timberweld).
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