Glulam Stain Colors
Stain Color selection chart and guide.

Factory Finish

Factory finishing of Timberweld timbers and deck assures a complete and even application. Pre-finishing saves construction time, eliminates the need for scaffolding, provides a high quality finish and a professional appearance.

Semi-transparent stain enhances wood’s natural beauty by allowing the color, grain, and texture of the wood to show through.

Alkyd Oil stains combine the natural wood protection of oil with the durability of an alkyd to give you a quality appearance.

Timberweld Alkyd Oil Stain provides WATERGUARD waterproofing and SUNBLOCK U.V. protection.

The standard Timberweld finish is an alkyd based, semi-transparent stain available in sixteen colors. The color, after applied, will vary upon the species of wood selected.

This stain chart is for your use in choosing deck and/or beam stain colors. Upon receipt of your selected color, a physical sample will be submitted for your final approval.

Timberweld will not proceed with production without final approval of the physical sample.

Timberweld will not assume any responsibility for other brands or colors of stain.

Color chips are subject to the effects of monitor settings or printer settings and may vary slightly from the actual stain color. Physical samples on wood must be submitted for final approval.

Guide to Color Selection

Semi-Transparent stain colors vary with wood species, color, grain, and texture.

Different wood species that are stained the same color will not look the same. Trying to make Fir structural members look the same as Oak is ill advised. Fir has a much larger grain pattern than Oak, so the general effect is a color that can be substantially lighter. The color of Fir varies naturally from light tan to a reddish brown.

Contrasting or complimentary colors usually produce a more pleasing color effect than attempts at matching colors.

Pick a pleasing color for the large structural members, and then select colors for smaller items.

Dark Colors:

  • Make areas feel smaller
  • Make areas feel warmer
  • Require more lighting
  • Are harder to maintain: dirt, dust, cobwebs, fingerprints are much more visible. A greater difference between the internal and external color means that scratches, nicks, and natural checking will be much more visible.
  • Are more susceptible to fading and other Ultra-Violet induced problems
  • Are more likely to show shipping, handling, and installation cosmetic damage
  • Are difficult to touch up
  • Are almost impossible to change without sanding off entire finish

Light Colors:

  • Make areas feel larger
  • Make areas feel cooler
  • Require less lighting
  • Are easier to maintain than dark colors
  • Are less susceptible to fading and other UV induced problems
  • Are less likely to show shipping, handling, and installation marks
  • Are easier to touch up
  • Can be changed or darkened by adding additional coats

Architectural appearance grade straight beams and curved members may not have exactly the same surface texture. Straight beams are usually only planed, and most curved are planed and sanded.

Beams can be upgraded to premium appearance grade (including sanding) for an additional charge.




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